Mockingbird Flying Club Application for Membership

Rev. 9/4/14

In order to facilitate the orderly operation of this organization, I agree:


1.       To be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, these Bylaws, and all other rules and regulations established by the Board of Directors .

2.       That my membership shall be self perpetuating until it is terminated as provided in the by-laws of the corporation and after not less than 30 days written notice to the corporation.

3.       To purchase the required stock shares from a member in good standing desiring to transfer same.  I further understand that it is my responsibility to in turn, sell my membership upon leaving the club.  If I desire to have the club sell my share, that I will, in turn, pay the expenses involved in that sale.  If the club sells my share the minimum expense is $100.

4.       To pay the corporation by the 10th of the month, the monthly fees established by the Board of Directors and the flying time charged the previous month.  Failure to have dues current within a three-month period will result in cancellation of my share.  I FURTHER AGREE TO DISCONTINUE FLYING IF MY UNPAID BILL EXCEEDS A THIRTY-DAY PERIOD.  IN ADDITION, I UNDERSTAND THAT I WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE CURRENT LATE CHARGE ASSESSMENT FOR ANY AMOUNT OWED THAT IS MORE THAN 30 DAYS PAST DUE.  Any protests of the flying bill must be brought to the attention of any member of the Board of Directors before continuing flying.  Any violations of the above will constitute UNAUTHORIZED use of the aircraft and void our insurance agreement.

5.       I will cooperate with the club in providing information needed in keeping a current set of records and agree to sign as a corporation member on any required legal documents, and to pay any special assessment ratified by a majority vote of the membership.

6.       That while operating corporate aircraft, I will abide by all FAA rules and regulations and all insurance requirements specified for light aircraft operations for student, private and commercial pilots.  Disregard of said regulations will be grounds for suspension from club membership by the Board of Directors.

7.       To pay the first $1,000.00 on any accident, flight damage or tie-down damage, if such damages should be the result of pilot error or carelessness.

8.       That all students and/or pilots in command are responsible to check the airworthiness of the airplane before and during flight and are responsible to see that the plane is properly hangared or securely tied down.

9.       That members who fly to, or past, the specified hourly oil change, must inform the crew chief asap. Members may also schedule the oil change with the Club’s designated A & P.

10.    Maintenance shall be the responsibility of every member.  If a malfunction is noted, it should be listed in the time log. If serious, a note should be emailed to Club members, and posted on Schedulemaster.  A board member or crew chief should be notified immediately.

11.    That aircraft will be operated only from FAA approved airports.

12.    To have a CFI checkout on all Club aircraft. The "Systems review" worksheet, and the appropriate aircraft checkout sheet (on training section of website) should be returned to the Club President before the new member signs out a Club aircraft as PIC.

13.    To turn in my hangar key to the Club President upon sale of my membership. Failure to do so will result in a $10 assessment.


Name (print): _______________________________________     Signature ______________________________________________


Date _____/_____/_____     Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________

                                                                                          street                                                     city state zip


Cell Phone: __________________     Home Phone: _____________      Business Phone: ________________________  


Age: __________    Date of Medical: ________________   Class: ____________


Pilot Experience (hours): ______________     Date of Flight Review: _______________     Ratings: _________________


Aircraft Accidents: (Yes or No): ________________   If yes, explain on back.         Email: _______________________________


Do you wish to be listed on the Club roster as willing to be a safety pilot (mainly for other members practicing instrument approaches)? circle:  yes     no


Application for membership, and approval for Membership accepted by the Board of Directors of the Mockingbird Flying Club on:


_____/_____/_____     Membership purchased from ___________________________________


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Administration only:


hangar key # __________     Schedulemaster ID __________________________ password__________________________